We are people who characterise ourselves as democratic, and who have established a left-leaning politico-cultural focus in Sydney to promote cross-fertilisation and discussion. We have no affiliations with any political party.
All are welcome!


Bruce & Pat* Toms, Professor Stuart Rees, Sarat Chandran, Jann Dark, Cathy Vogan, Professor Frank Stilwell, Kieran Howard, Joffre Balce, Joe Nagy, Mary Rawlings, Will Power, and Liam Kestevan as documentarian.

* Pat Toms was an inspiration. She was a key figure in the development of Politics in the Pub, working together with Win Childs and others to develop this important institution in the broad-left political and cultural life of Sydney. She helped to keep Politics in the Pub on track at times when personality clashes among the organising committee might have otherwise derailed it. She chaired meetings with a combination of courtesy and determination and provided countless suggestions for speakers and improvements in the running of events. Together with her husband Bruce, she was essential to the continued success of the whole Politics in the Pub process for nearly two decades. Her death was a great loss in so many respects. Earlier in life she had been a deeply committed teacher in public secondary education, and a consistent activist and contributor to many progressive causes, for workers' rights, for gender equality, for peace, for the environment, for socialism and for social justice.



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